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Back Seat Bench Cover - Clear plastic and non-woven material (BASPS301)

(package of 2)
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C2D2’s Back Seat Cover Protects your Bench Seat from Dogs, Kids, Spills, Stains, Food etc. Heavy Duty, Waterproof, Reusable Disposable Made of Non-latex Plastic with a Non-woven material for Comfort.  Perforated Line on Clear Plastic Makes Customization to Your Car, Truck and SUV’s Seat Belts and Car Seats Super Easy and Quick!  Great for Vacations and Outdoor FUN! – 2 per pack

  • Convenient and easy to install.
  • Perforations allow for easy adjustability to access various vehicle models seat belts and children’s car seats.
  • Use only when you need it or store it for the next time or keep them on your seats all the time! Your choice!
  • Heavy duty materials provide several uses depending on the size and weight of the animals or kids.
  • All products are made of medical grade materials that are non-irritating and do not contain latex; keeping your kids and pets healthy!
  • Clear plastic is recyclable (Click here to find the nearest location)
  • Fits most cars, trucks and SUV’s! Must have access to behind the bench seat for proper installation. Vehicles with middle armrests in the back seat will not be able to use this product unless the armrest is stored in the bench back seats.
  • Dimensions: One size fits most vehicles. (60” x 59”)
  • Reusable, store it for the next time or keep them on your seats all the time! Your choice! No hassle in removing your car seat cover, or blankets to wash.
  • Reusability of the product depends on the size, weight and activity of the animals or kids.
  • See instructions for warnings and proper installation of this product.